Priya’s Wedding Whispers -Haldi Ceremony

#Priya’s Haldi in Priya’s Word…
And the moment is here, My most awaited wedding ritual. It was the most intriguing feeling I had since I’ve experienced the haldi of my friend and later the picture posts.
Getting painted in turmeric color, laughing out loud with the gestures of giggling while all my loved ones around me were applying haldi on my legs and sole part.
A beautiful beginning of the journey I started living and happiness of the tears is here in those smiles around me.


#Friends who are Family… Family who is more like a Friend…
My Laughing Pills, The Bride Maids, All in All, he mates for life. Ila my roommate my shopping partner. She did my wedding shopping from tip to toe . Gunjan my college friend.
Priyanka aka simba, pallavi aka palli, divya, sumi , Neha aka Malani were my college group who are foodie like me.
Vasudha my roommate in Noida for 2 years when I first landed in Noida for job.
Priyanjali aka shilpi my childhood friend . We share same birth month to eating habits. We are a lot like each other as we have shared our childhood to teenage.
Vijay and Aditya, who are my friends for life, with whom I had roamed and strolled almost every road of Noida and Delhi.


My Superwomen, My Backbone, My Lady, My First Best Friend. Mumma Mrs.Rani Agarwal, You Smiled with tears when I cried loud, you raised me to the core of your heart, loved me like your own life and today the journey of my new era is going to begin, where I will live the footsteps you taught me for life to live with my beloved extended family . And a wish in the heart to live up to it at every moment comes to me.


My Fighting bunny, protector, caretaker, the one who is the guide on every step and a secret holder most lovable brother I’m blessed with. Himanshu Agarwal, the love speaks even in the small fights, crazy we get even we are older now, this bond is the closest to the heart to cherish.


#Daddy’s Princess – The Smiling Butterfly
Since the day I arrived, his life was around me, Daddy Mr.Raju Agarwal, Keeping aside all my bonds, he is the strongest one. He lived all the ingredients of my life like his own highs and lows of life. Wishing that the to be King will take the same way.
I’m your baby daddy, my first hero, my superman, my handsome hunk you’re. I’m connected to the vibes since the moment I was in momma’s womb. Hold me till the end I’m your heartbeat, though I’m flying high but always come back to you…


And The Story Continues…

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