50% is due at the signing of the agreement, which reserves the date. The remaining balance due 50 % on event days when the team reaches on location.
Our billing system can accept NEFT and Cheque. Please make Cheque payable to Speaking Frame LLP. All in-state services are subject to GST, which is currently 18.0%.

During your wedding preparations, we are always advocates and good stewards of your finances. That said, don’t end up regretting your choice to save a few bucks on travel to the one event you will spend the rest of your life reliving in pictures. The funny thing about photography is that it does appreciate in value over time.
Bringing us to your destination wedding does not have to be difficult.
Our passports are updated, and we are also members of Global Entry. Plus, while there, we can look for an opportunity to do casual couples shoot with just the two of you.